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We help airline and aerospace senior leaders to drive transformational growth and productivity.

Productivity: Our proven best practices in driving productivity across a wide spectrum of operating environments:

  • Financial health improvements

    • Line item review and planning for Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows​

    • Reducing aged receivables

    • Reducing order-to-cash

  • Operational reviews​

    • Flow transformation to reduce waste, improve quality, and ​customer satisfaction

    • Utilize lean tools (i.e, Gemba's & Kaizens, etc.) to improve processes and operations

    • Capacity analysis

    • Enable linking strategy, product development, engineering and supplier teams to ensure producability and repeatability

  • Business process reviews and re-engineering to migrate legacy processes into efficient value-add processes​

  • Delivery assessments to review functional integration

  • SIOP optimization to ensure working capital, delivery, costs, quality, and fulfilment goals are met and exceeded



  • We focus on transformation as a strategic lever - why? ...because it is transformational. Without transformation, breakthrough strategies, initiatives, and developments are highly unlikely. We have led and participated in many enterprise-wide transformation initiatives that enable us to understand critical success factors. Transformation initiatives could be around product strategy, working capital improvement, cycle times, on-time initiatives, sales, marketing, program management, continuous improvement, and many others.  If your company has the appetite to transform all or part of your business, reach out to us and we will see if we can help.

Growth: Our proven and successful strategies used in Fortune 50 Services and Manufacturing companies:

  • Marketing Transformation:

    • Strategic Marketing

    • Value proposition development​

    • Customer segmentation

    • Strategic Pricing

    • Go-to-Market strategies

  • Sales Transformation:​

    • Re-calibration transformation to align resources with premium opportunities in a multi-channel environment ​

    • Determining what tasks are non-value add and if what the proper disposition is (i.e, eliminate, automate, re-assign to another function)

    • Design of Experiment to determine greatest drivers of revenue, productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, utilization, selling rate, and selling margin

  • Accelerated Product Development:​

    • Applying proven best practice product development techniques to minimize bureaucracy in driving new products through the development pipeline

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