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Outperform your....  competition.  goals.  market.  industry.

A common pitfall for almost any business is the common "hockey-stick" syndrome where the strategic plan shows a meager growth profile for revenue and profits until some point in the future where an "event" is supposed to change the trajectory dramatically. It is all too common and it is unfortunate... but it is avoidable. 

Our proven approach to transformational change in growth and productivity leveraging best practices and advanced business analytics can help drive immediate results in marketing effectiveness, and operational execution. 

Using our proprietary Growth and Productivity Transformation (G&PT) Assessment, we can identify key challenges with data, processes, and strategies that are impeding your growth and productivity across the entire value chain. With our transformational experience across manufacturing  and services industries and leveraging advanced business analytics, and lean principles we know what it takes to design and execute a successful transformational change. 

We charge a flat fee for this review and will apply it as a credit towards the execution of any future work with us.  This credit has no expiration.

We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can help you transform your growth and productivity to outperform your competition.

Eric C. Clepper

Founder & Managing Director

Our Assessment Process


Discovery Call

Let's hop on a call to learn more about each other and our companies. We'll discuss where you are now and where you need to be; what's working well and what you are struggling with. We'll also determine if we are the right fit to provide an assist. 


Data Diagnostic

We'll work with you and provide a list of data needs based on the challenge we're looking into. Common data is order history, product sales volume and roadmaps, and related costs, past-dues, customer purchase history, and invoice level data. We'll also provide you common templates around marketing and operations data needs that will help us understand the business from a data and business intelligence perspective.


Process Diagnostic

We'll work with you to understand how you operate. From strategic planning to go to market. Based on the area of focus, whether it be limited to a specific function or across the entire value chain we'll work to understand how you operate and gain insights into the inter-dependencies, conflicting objectives, including hidden factories.



Our team will take the results of the Data & Process Diagnostic Sessions and collaborate with you to generate an assessment of your business with a focus on the data, processes and strategies that have the potential unlock quantum growth and productivity.



At the conclusion of your G&PT Assessment, we will provide you with a:

  • presentation of your current state challenges, roadblocks and risks

  • gap analysis of what you are missing, now and into the future

  • a future state look at your strategic roadmap and execution strategies

...essentially, everything you will need to achieve transformational growth and productivity and to ensure that your business has a solid plan for outperforming the competion... your goals... and the market.


Next Steps

Based on the results of your G&PT Assessment, you might choose to proceed down one of two paths:

  1.  Allow us to author a more extensive Custom Project Proposal to help with implementation of the key findings in your G&PT Assessment

  2.  Join our Growth & Productivity Partners, a service which provides ongoing expert support of your daily operations in addition to regular reviews and improvements of high level key initiatives. 

We look forward to helping you to ensure your successful transformation becomes a reality and positions you to achieve your growth and productivity goals and objectives!

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