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We help executives in airlines and mid-size aerospace manufacturing and repair drive transformational growth and productivity using our proven and tested methods.  Enter your email below and we will send you our next newsletter on transformation strategies, tactics, and insights.

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Welcome to Outperforma Consulting Group

I am the founder and Managing Director of Outperforma Consulting Group, a management strategy firm with extensive experience in designing, leading, and implementing enterprise-wide transformational initiatives using proven strategies and tactics that get results.


We developed our expertise while working at major aerospace firms including airlines and manufacturers. We have also worked with firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Booz-Allen Hamilton, A.T. Kearney and Deloitte.

We help executives in sales, marketing, and operations, to devise transformational strategies.


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Our core services.

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Sales & Marketing Leadership

  • We help customers with developing market-back value propositions and product portfolio strategies

  • We offer best practice marketing strategy playbooks to achieve transformational growth; including value proposition development, customer segmentation, market and product research, strategic pricing, and go-to-market strategies

  • We provide industry leading strategies for sales excellence to increase prime selling time and eliminate non-value added time to directly increase sales ROI

Products on inventory shelves

Operations and Business Process Improvement

  • We look at the health of the business and perform an exhaustive assessment to improve execution and operating costs from procurement, purchasing to operations, customer service, and operating systems

  • We devise tailored, actionable strategies to improve P&L, Working Capital and Cashflow through a variety of methods

  • We help with strategy deployment across functions and management layers, business processes, and a unique rapid problem solving infrastructure


Transformation for Results

  • We help our clients to realize the benefits of bold transformations, from planning to execution

  • We focus on people, processes, technology, and analytics to ensure a successful transformation

  • We provide strategy on change management and engagement for people and culture, as appropriate to ensure whatever form of transformation we are assisting with is succesful

  • We use advanced analytics in most areas of our business to align priorities, validate assumptions, and identify actional insights

We guarantee results! Contact us today.  (480)-447-7262

Examples of results of our work.


  • Helped turn around an unprofitable cabin manufacturing and engineering business that was losing money by growing revenue 10% and profits by 14%.

CMS Performance.png
  • Devised creative sales and pricing strategies to drive more profitable growth

  • Implemented Program Management best practices to drive on-time, on-budget product development programs


  • Helped an aircraft wheels & brakes business identify over $30 million in profit opportunity and better align investments with their most profitable customers.​

ALS Profit Opty.png
  • Mapped detailed  customer-specific P&Ls to determine profit drivers and value erosion

  • Located profit actually generated and then given back to customers via un-disciplined managing of cost-to-serve, discounts, and customer profitability strategies


  • Helped a regional jet avionics business transform their sales force to focus on prime selling opportunities, eliminate non-value add activities, and ultimately free up nearly 40% of their time to focus on prime selling activities.

  • Eliminated non-core activities (customer support, chasing POs, etc.)

  • Identified key revenue generating activities


  • Helped a leading airline reduce costs by over $204 million over two years by leveraging airport technology, transforming the airport experience, and reducing labor and supplier costs.

DL PII.png
  • Deployed over 30 technology projects in the lobby, ticket counter, baggage claim, gates, and ramp

  • Developed new roles and transformed lobbies into kiosk bays



It is bold and usually very difficult. It requires commitment and strategic fortitude. The results, however, create sustainable, competitive advantage that can enable a company to enjoy results they have not been able to attain before.


Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes. Enterprise-wide, functional, value stream level, or even business processes. They are not just projects. They are the "big idea", they are the catalyst that have "tipping point" characteristics where the goal is to achieve a true step-function change. 


Our clients don't want incremental change, but truly transformational, where change management is critical, cross-functional and organizational engagement is key and there is some type of burning platform. 



23623 N Scottsdale Rd Ste. D-3447

Scottsdale, AZ, 85255 USA


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